Absolute Safety

Training Program Title : Focus on Fire Warden & Fire Safety in The Work Place.

Aim: At the end of this training session participants will be able to –

  • Identify hazards which have the potential to cause a fire in their workplace / home.
  • Remove or reduce those hazards where practicable.
  • Respond efficiently, effectively and safely to an incipient fire in their work place.
  • Identify and be fully familiar with the correct type of fire fighting equipment for each type of emergency.
  • Understand the legal responsibilities and duties of a fire warden.

Methodology: Interactive / theoretical & Practical – (where appropriate).

Course Duration: 4 hours

Course Attendance: 10 Participants

Main Topics Covered:

  • Understand the Science of fire.
  • Understand basic Fire prevention techniques.
  • Understand the basic mechanics of Fire Spread.
  • Identify Ignition sources on your premises.
  • Understand the stages in Fire development.
  • Methods of fire fighting / Practical use of an fxt.
  • Learn the Rules for fire fighting / Evacuation.
  • Understand the duties of the Fire warden.

Who Should Attend: Designated fire wardens / Safety Officers / Designated Employees.

Assessment & Certification:

Upon successful completion of the course each participant will receive a Fire Warden Certificate from Absolute Safety & Environmental Services.