Absolute Safety


This course will enable small / medium Business owners to write and regularly review a legally compliant Health & Safety statement in accordance with section 19 & section 20 of the Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Each participant will have the main structure for a company specific Health & Safety statement, which will outline how they intend to effectively manage Health & Safety in their workplace.

Includes Case Studies, Work-Shops / (interactive exercises) & PowerPoint presentation to enhance learning and visits to participants premises to ensure all risks that could cause harm are identified..


(1 day Classroom based), (additional time will be allocated to allow for a consultant to visit each participant’s premises and allow for practical application of the risk assessment process.

Syllabus includes:

  • What is a risk
  • What is a Hazard
  • Defining safe working practices and identifying hazards and risks
  • How to prepare risk assessments
  • Structure of Safety Statement & related legislation
  • Workplace precautions for sources of hazards: fire, manual handling, electricity, display screen equipment, chemicals and substances, work equipment, movement of people, housekeeping and noise 


Successful completion of the workshop and on site risk assessment will enable each participant to effectively write a legally complaint safety statement.