Absolute Safety

Course Descriptor:  People Handling Course.

To provide Participants with the necessary skills & knowledge to undertake patient handling in a safe, caring and efficient manner.


Participants who have completed this course will be able to:

  • Recognise a Load which is too heavy.
  • Understand the limitations of the Spine and the Muscular System.
  • Lift and Handle Loads correctly.
  • Move and Assist People in a Hospital, Nursing Home or a Home setting in a safe and efficient manner.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in Manual / Patient Handling, which is defined as:

Transporting and supporting of a load, by one or more employees and includes lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a load, by reason of its characteristics or of unfavourable ergonomic condition involves risk, particularly of back injury to employees.

Duration: ½ day Manual Handling of Loads.

Duration:1 day Manual Handling / People (Patient) Handling.

Course Content:

 – In the morning;

  • Structure and Function of the human spine.
  • The Law regarding Manual Handling.
  • How to Recognise Hazardous Loads – PPE to be worn.
  • Procedures for dealing with unfamiliar loads.
  • Avoiding or reducing the need for Manual handling.
  • Instruction and Practical Demonstration of – Good Manual Handling Techniques.
  • Management of Manual Handling in the Workplace.
  • Trainee Manual Handling Exercises with Instructor Critique

– In the afternoon:

  • Sitting up
  • Rolling a Patient in a bed
  • Moving the Patient in the bed using slide sheets
  • Sitting Patient at side of bed
  • Sitting to standing
  • Walking Patient from sitting
  • Bed to Chair
  • Moving of Patient from bed to trolley
  • Use of Hoist
  • Sit to stand
  • Assist the fallen Patient


If the employee attends the full course and reaches the standard they will receive a Certificate valid for 2 years from Absolute Safety [1890 907 138].

If the employee changes to a new job a new course should be completed.