Absolute Safety

Manual Handling Training

February 21, 2013JamesNews

A Manual Handling Course ( 4 Hour) is taking place in Sligo on Tuesday 26th February. For more details or to book a place contact us on 1890 907138 email info@absolutesafety.ie

Safe Pass Training.

February 20, 2013JamesNews

Safe Pass course taking place in Sligo on Friday 1st March and Saturday 13th April. For more details or to book a place call is on 1890 907138 or e-mail info@absolutesafety.ie

Occupational First Aid (3 Day – Fetac Level 5)

February 19, 2013JamesNews

Absolute Safety will be running a FETAC Level 5 First Aid Course (3 Day) in Leitrim shortly. Places are limited and funding maybe available to private companies or anyone working in the private sector. For more details contact our office on 1890 907138 or e-mail info@absolutesafety

Safe Pass Courses

February 18, 2013JamesNews

Safe Pass Courses taking place on 1st March in Sligo and 6th March in Dublin. For more details or to book a place call 1890 907138 or e-mail info@absolutesafety.ie

Tips for a Safe & Healthy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2013JamesNews

It’s Valentines day you want to know how to make the most of it without ending up in the hospital or on the nine o’clock news. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Don’t go breaking my heart

Romantic  restaurants, rich desserts and rich boxes of chocolates may sound romantic, but a visit to the A&E.with chest pains… not so much. Instead of overindulging to show your love, why not use Valentine’s Day as a kick-off to a heart-healthier relationship: join a gym with your Darling, or set a weekly date to take a long walk, or sign up for a  cooking class together to learn to prepare healthy – and delicious – meals that will keep you both around for decades to come! Just to be on the same side always make sure you have the number for your out of hours Doctors service handy….just in case…

2. A kiss is just a kiss

Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of cold and flu season, so it pays to make sure your immune system is functioning optimally before all those suitors come a-calling. So make sure to always sneeze into a tissue and discard right after,making sure to was your hands on on a frequent basic, eat well and make sure you get lots of vit C and rest so you will be in tip top form for the day.

3. I’m leaving on a jet plane

Your idea of romantic might be the Eiffel Tower… or a canoe ride down the Amazon. In any event, if you’re going farther than the cozy romantic restaurant on the corner, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. Find out if your destination requires vaccinations and make sure you bring necessary sunscreen, insect repellant and any medication you take regularly. Insure that your pass port is in date and MAKE sure you have correct holiday insurance. Nothing says “Unhappy Valentine’s Day” like a trip to a foreign hospital.

4. Tiny bubbles

Overindulging in alcohol is the leading risk factor for serious injury – and the third leading cause for preventable death. Go easy on the bubbly, and factor the cost of a taxi into your Valentine’s Day budget just so there’s no temptation to drink and drive. Besides, if you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be great to remember it????

5. Come on, baby, light my fire

Candle-lit dinners at home and cozy fires in the fireplace are the epitome of romance. Being interrupted during a romantic interlude by firefighters is just plain embarrassing. Don’t let other Valentine’s Day “activities” distract you into leaving fires unattended, or embarrassment could be the least of your concerns.

6. Take my breath away

Remember, many people suffer from food restrictions, allergies and other sensitivities, and the best way to show you care is to be sensitive to those concerns. A lobster dinner isn’t romantic to a person with shellfish allergies; prime rib is appalling to vegetarians; the most beautiful flowers in the world aren’t romantic to someone with asthma. Take the time to find out about your Valentine, and they’ll appreciate the consideration. If you have a food allergy make sure you are carrying your epi-pen and that your date know where to fine it just in case…

So after all that have a very happy, safe and healthy Valentine day.

Fire Safety (Focus on fire Warden/Marshal)

February 12, 2013JamesNews

We are working in a private nursing home today providing Fire Safety/Focus on Fire Warden Training to all the staff. We have worked with this Nursing home before and they run a second to none service. We are looking forward to providing them with more Fire Safety/Focus on Fire Warden Training next week.

Safe Pass Course

February 11, 2013JamesNews

A safe pass course is taking place in Sligo on Friday 1st March, For more details or to book a place contact us on 1890 907138 or e-mail info@absolutesafety.ie

Safe Pass Sligo

February 8, 2013JamesNews

Safe pass course taking place in Sligo on Friday 1st March. For more details or to book a place contact us on 1890 907138 or email info@absolutesafety.ie

CPR Training & Defibrillator Training (AED)

February 7, 2013JamesNews

Students will be trained on the techniques of CPR and on the use of the AED (Defibrillator Training) including a number scenarios where a AED would be used. The course is aimed at Community members enable them  to respond to emergencies in the community as the use of a  AED/DeFib is extremely important in the first minutes after a cardiac arrest.

This training course includes a classroom presentation, discussions  and practical use of the AED  and CPR.

This course can also be run as a fund raising coffee morning

Fire Safety (Focus on Fire Warden) Mullingar

February 6, 2013JamesNews

A Fire Safety course (Focus on Fire Warden) Course will take place on Wednesday 27th February  (9-1pm) in Mullingar, Co Westmeath. This course is open to the public and suitable for small business owners, Childcare staff and home owners. For more details or to book a place call us on 1890 907138 or email info@absolutesafety.ie